We regularly work with people to produce publications and print. We’re particularly interested in working with self-identifying women, non-binary and queer artists and activists. In addition to commercial print management we offer an in-house DIY production service from our studio at Spike Island. We also offer consultancy on design based elements of art projects.

Transactionland, Rachael Clerke (2022)
LAND / WORKERS, Anna Barrett and The Landworkers Alliance (2022)
Authentication Stamp, Eleanor Duffin (2002)
Ways of Making it Work, Harriet Bowman for Artlicks Issue 27 (2002)
KHIJ, Tash MacVoy (2002)
Fire and Ice, Jefferies & Higginson (2021)
My kid could have done that
Harriet Bowman (2021)
MINI-JAMBOREE How to GuideLow Profile (2021)
We Met at Jamboree – Impact Report, Low Profile (2020-2021)
Phantoms of Form Chapter 3Eleanor Duffin (2019)
Working Model R&D, Rachael Clerke (2019)
Movements of Care, Katherine Hall (2018)
Working Model, Rachael Clerke (2018)
Curious Formations, Jo Lathwood (2017)
And X is For, Miriam Klein and Kate Schatz (2015)
Looking for Lantern Lane, Carol Stevens (2011)
Wool, Casey Orr (2010)