Trumpets Against Trump was a band made up entirely of trumpet players, who gathered to perform a discordant drone piece whenever Donald Trump visited the UK during his presidency. Blowing badly on our lowest notes as an act of therapeutic exorcism, where words failed, in solidarity with all those affected by Trump and his policies. Anyone with a trumpet was invited to join the band, musicians and non-musicians. There were no auditions – the worse the better. The band was disbanded on 7th November 2020. BLAST FASCISM –xx–((

The Trumpets Against Trump banner was acquired by the People’s History Museum in Manchester in November 2021.

Past Performances:

July 13th 2018, London
June 3rd 2019, Bristol
December 3rd 2019, Bristol

(2018 – 2020)


This film by Hankins documents the bands first performance in London, July 2020