Our little way of saying ‘no thank you’.

The Luddite Klub Card is a design proposal, a creative act of resistance, aiming to highlight the transition from a culture of daily human interaction to a world where most transactions will take place between humans and machines.

Simply swipe your Luddite Card each time you’re asked for a loyalty card at a self-service checkout.* Every time you swipe, the magnetic strip on the back of the card will release a virus into the self-service-server. Stand back and watch as the machine coughs, splutters and seizes up. Used multiple times, by as many members of the Luddite Klub as possible, the Luddite Card aims to render the machines useless, helping people to question the sort of technology they want, and striking fear into the hearts of shareholders, managers and investors, left, right and centre.

Brought to you by the Luddite Klub

The Luddite Klub is an imaginary association of thinkers and activists. We celebrate creativity, mutual aid and common ownership. We don’t want a life that’s faster, easier and cheaper. We want a life that’s slower, simpler and fairer.

* No machines were damaged in the making of this card.

In collaboration with Tom James (2013-2014)