SEE YOU NEXT TUESDAY is a response to misogynist culture. It is a reaction to the limits patriarchy puts on us all. It understands this is a fix but it isn’t fixed!

SEE YOU NEXT TUESDAY is a club, a space to come together for sharing skills, strategy, food, adventure, reading, art, action, solidarity. It takes place on a Tuesday (but not every Tuesday).

SEE YOU NEXT TUESDAY asks questions about the present and imagines possible futures. It is an investigation.

SEE YOU NEXT TUESDAY is critical, fierce, ecstatic, queer, playful, feminist. It is old, young, black, white, brown, thin, fat, hairy and bald.

SEE YOU NEXT TUESDAY is Jen, Jessy, Jeff, Jack, Jackie, Joseph or Jeanette. It is interested in gender, but not narrow definitions of it.

SEE YOU NEXT TUESDAY isn’t funded. It exists occasionally when and where we have the energy.

SEE YOU NEXT TUESDAY isn’t sorry. This club kills Misogyny, SEE YOU NEXT TUESDAY.


Past Events:

17.01.17 Screening of Born in Flames

24.01.17 Screening of John Berger’s led by Rachael Miles

09.05.17 Punk Band Project with Rachael Clerke

(2017 +)