Milk Report explores the politics and economics of care, through the lens of breastfeeding. Milk Report is a print piece (and latterly a performance piece) recording the hours and minutes Young spent breastfeeding during the first six-months after giving birth. This totalled 720 hours and 7 minutes. The length of every feed is documented and is accompanied by a narrative text. Seeking full remuneration for the labour-intensive work undertaken, an edition of 720 copies of Milk Report have been printed to be sold for £8.21 each (the 2019 National Living Wage). This will equate to a wage of £5916.95 once all of the Milk Reports have been sold. Milk Report was launched in May 2019 as part of Spike Open, each copy sold was served with a milk shake.

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Copies of Milk Report have been acquired by the Birth Rites Collection and the Wellcome Trust.

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