eyes_reading_website_gifAllied to feminist publishing and in tribute to the long history of independent publishing in Bristol, we have set up a small press from our studio at Spike Island. Publishing experimental written work from self-identifying women, non-binary and queer artists – with the aim of encouraging and exposing new writing, ideas and early iterations of works that don’t yet have funding.

The small press publishes as an act of collaborative inquiry, experiments with the design of making things public, publishes to create a public.

The catalyst for the small press was our experience of losing access to equipment during the pandemic and our subsequent scavenging, borrowing, buying and building of everything we needed in order to seize the means of production. We want to share these resources with others.

This project is running on a DIY not-for-profit basis. We will use a sliding-scale pricing system variable according to income. Please note we won’t be accepting unsolicited submissions.


Pit Murk by Hannah Sullivan. 2021.


A collection of short stories inspired by darkness. By what it allows, its richness; the qualities and creatures it keeps. These stories follow those who turn towards the magnitude of the darkness, and away from the light. Bringing together experiences of curiosity, grief, magic, solitude, and the unknown.

Special printed edition 100 copies, plus a PDF version.
Available to buy in our shop

Launch event photos: Ruby Turner

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Co-operation Manual One: Crèche (of) Course by Toni Mayo and Conway & Young, with help from Mike Williams. 2022

Pending release