We are fed up of trite messages from mega capitalists. Of more mean business as usual. Of a government clapping for a National Health Service they have undermined and unfunded for a decade. We are furious that carers, doctors, nurses and key workers don’t have personal protective equipment; that people of colour are disproportionality affected by this pandemic. We are outraged that landlords are protected but renters aren’t, that the rich will receive more government support than the poor.

During the lockdown we have scavenged wood and built a billboard to fit on our bike trailer. In the absence of gallery walls, conversations in pubs, loitering, union meetings, open studios, protests and demonstrations we wanted to create a physical location for a public offline address to Bristol.

We have invited 19 people with a connection to Bristol to write something that in some way addresses this point in time. A short text as a pandemic protest, as poetry, as provocation, to teleport us elsewhere, as a new idea, as an invitation, as an address, a joke, as a message of solidarity.

Texts will be displayed individually on the bike billboard and taken around Bristol during our daily exercise.