We design publications and print for self-identifying women, non-binary and queer artists and activists. In addition to commercial print management we offer an in-house DIY production service from our studio at Spike Island.

‘My kid could have done that’, Harriet Bowman (2021)
Low Profile (2021)
We Met at Jamboree – Impact Report,
Low Profile (2020-2021)
 volumes 1, 2 and 3
, Georgia Hall (2019-2020)
Phantoms of Form Chapter 3Eleanor Duffin (2019)
Working Model R&D, Rachael Clerke (2019)
Movements of Care, Katherine Hall (2018)
Working Model, Rachael Clerke (2018)
Curious Formations, Jo Lathwood (2017)
And X is For, Miriam Klein and Kate Schatz (2015)
Looking for Lantern Lane, Carol Stevens (2011)
Wool, Casey Orr (2010)

Production Production is a film that documents the making of three volumes of yellowfeilds, which is an independent project led by curator Georgia Hall investigating critical ideas through the writing of emerging female artists. Produced in-house in our studio at Spike Island, the production line included; binding with horse hair, riso printing, screen-printing with mud from the river Avon, coil binding, page ordering, hole punching, stapling, cutting, folding… 100 copies of each volume were produced. Filmed and edited by Render Gal.

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